Collaborative project with Herman Miller exploring products in the modern office environment.

Case study

Boîte is a Modular meeting area that encompasses a relaxed atmosphere.  It tailors to the needs of small group meetings, encourages frequency, and provides transparency.   This concept came about from research in collaboration with Herman Miller.  The research presented a need for small group meeting areas that accommodate 2-6 people.   Further research showed that in a small group setting people demanded a more relaxed lounge type interaction.  The table and seating are low to encourage people to kick back and relax a bit while they engage in conversation.  The table adds a level of flexibility enabling a more comfortable writing surface or a place to jot down some notes on your laptop. The modular configuration of the Boîte allows for an endless amount of finishes and options.  In particular, the writing area (which is currently pictured as a dry erase surface) is also a panel that could easily be removed for future configurations such as a touch screen or interactive surface.

Chassis - All panels and parts would be attached to a sturdy chassis.  It would be manufactured from stamped  and welded sheet metal.  This is the backbone of the Boîte and all components are attached to this integral structure.

Table - The Boîte table provides a flexible surface.  Its low, much like a coffee table to provide that lounge type atmosphere.  It uses a simple parallelogram hinge to pivot into a workable surface position while providing power and connectivity to the office system.

LED array - Another important concern that came about from research was adequate lighting.  LED’s are a cheap, green and visually appealing way to provide light an appropriate light source.


Open Boîte - An open configuration is to compliment company cultures that embrace a looser environment.  This version would exclude the glass and door.

Closed Boîte - As found in the Herman Miller research people are hesitant to speak about confidential subjects with there is not a visual confirmation of sound damping.  By this it is meant that people are afraid to speak despite Herman Miller’s sound scrambling devices provided in some of their systems.   Simply put, people don’t trust the technology.  To provide people with a visually closed system by adding glass, employees are able to speak their mind in a confidential matter.

Double Boîte - The configuration of two units is simply to provide more space.   In some company cultures it is more common to have larger meetings, or more than 4 people thus an eight person configuration.

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