Bicycle Lock Dock

A safe and unique place to keep your bike.

Case study

In Collaboration with the Masters Students from UC Berkeley, our group took on bike safety and theft prevention of bicycles in metropolitan areas.  Group Members include: Douglas Schaller, Cassie Tweed, Seung Kim, Mike Koplaw, Andrew Waterbury, Jun Imaizumi.


The bicycle theft industry is at least $393  million annually in the United States and the crime costs Americans between $800 and $1 billion.  This is the result of the current system failing:  Not enough secure locking locations, Available locking locations, and Convenient locking locations… Forcing riders to lock in unsecured locations.


Bicycle Lock Docks that emphasize security through positioning in open areas, creating available and convenient locking locations and promoting bicycle usage while helping the environment.  The intuitive rack design enables riders to lock to multiple locations on their bike.  Holds 2 advertisements, Approx. 280 square in. per ad.  LED lights provide adequate lighting for a safe and secure locking location.