AccelBot 500E

Universal and Inexpensive X,Y,Z robot.

Case study

The AccelBot is a cost effective positioning robot with mobility in the x, y, and z axis. With high repeatability and accurate positioning, this robot, comprised mostly of off the shelf parts and sheet metal components, is an extremely affordable alternative to similar products currently on the market, such as the Beckman Biomek. The AccelBot’s streamlined design, utilizing its steel linear tracks as the base structure, makes the machine extremely compact and easy to scale up or down depending on the range of motion required. The AccelBot comes with a four-channel board, three channels for motion and one for control of a tool. The AccelBot is programed in Python and can be easily controlled with a straightforward user interface.

The inspiration for the AccelBot 500E Enclosure came from that of a standard BBQ and the way it opens.  The pivot is centrally located which allows the AccelBot 500E to maintain its compact configuration when open.  Details on the sides of the product indicate the pivot location.

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