Douglas Schaller Design


Douglas Schaller

Silicon Valley Based Industrial Design

Douglas Schaller is an industrial designer by trade. Most recently, he was the Design Director at Butterfleye(now Ooma), but has also consulted with corporations and start-ups such as Promega, Axion Bio, ABB wireles and Latticework(amber) to design their products, refine their initial vision, and make their products manufacturable. He's helped these companies not only on the product side, but also with their business and branding structure.

Douglas graduated with a B.S. in Industrial design from San Jose State University in 2009. While in school, he had multiple internships with Bay Area company Lathrop Engineering and another internship with the Legrand Design Group in France, as well as freelance and consultant work. Soon after graduation he was asked to join one of his clients full time, Accel Biotech. At the time Accel Biotech was a small team and Douglas helped it to grow and become a successful engineering and design firm specializing in Biotech and Medical products. After leaving Accel Biotech to start his own company in 2013, more recent projects and clients have been diverse and spread in many different fields. Douglas has designed products ranging from: lighting and environment home control, industrial equipment, server and rack mount systems, consumer, recreation and sports, and the cycling industry.

Douglas also co-founded the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) Silicon Valley Chapter, and is a successful amateur bicycle racer.

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